In early October of 2012 an eleven year old boy with autism was visiting his 95 year old great grandmother in the hospital. His mother had given him a dollar to get an after school snack out of the vending machine in the hospital lobby. After making his selection, he was left with a dime.
As he headed back to his great grandmother’s room he spotted the gift shop. It was closed, but there was a note on the door to go to the front desk for assistance. So he went to the front desk for help. In a bit a lady came along and asked him if he was the little boy that was asking about the gift shop. He stated yes. She unlocked the door and they went inside. He stated he wanted to get a gift for his great-grandmother but he only had 10 cents and was wondering if they had anything that cost that amount. The lady said no, but to wait there. She returned in a couple minutes with a gift bag full of tissue paper. He thanked the kind lady and continued on his way back to his great grandmother’s room.
As he entered the room, his eyes gleamed as he presented his gift, and her eyes gleamed as she opened it. Inside all that tissue paper was a beautiful cross.
That young man is my son and he is one of my inspirations. I still give thanks to that wonderfully kind gift shop lady. She helped a little boy when he had a goal, a goal that may seem insignificant to others, but to him it was huge.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Gift Shop Lady. I hope to meet you one day, and I would love for you to meet the wonderful young man that that little boy has grown into. Through your kindness you have become an inspiration.


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